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Friendship & Esteem




why go greek?

Going Greek provides you with...
Community Service
Support System 
Life-long friendships

Our sisters went Greek because...

"By going Greek you meet your best friends and support system through your sorority. It also opens you to a new community, and gives you the opportunity to meet new people and friends!"
- Niha Sharma, PC Spring 2017
"Go Greek to spend hours of uncontrollable laughter with your best friends, finding people who even make studying fun, and being surrounded by people who love and care about you!"
- Tess Dobosz, PC Fall 2016
"Go Greek for empowerment. Surround yourself with amazing women who will push you towards success and a better you."
- Megan McGue, PC Spring 2017
"Go Greek because you can find a home on campus where you can express yourself freely, experience new things, and really go out of your comfort zone, and also grow as a person."
-Lisa Goelzhauser, PC Fall 2016
"After freshman year I felt like my college experience was missing something, I rushed as a sophomore and found an amazing group of girls who quickly became some of best friends and was exposed to so many opportunities that only could have came to me through Greek Life. My only regret is not rushing as a freshman!"
- Lindsey Hageman, PC Fall 2017
"I've loved going Greek because it's opened a door of opportunities to meet women that I never would have thought I'd meet. Not only have I made amazing friends in my chapter, but I've also gotten to know girls from all over campus! It almost always starts with a simple comment on a Greek button or shirt maybe, and ends with an amazing study buddy, someone to text about your favorite tv show, or another friendly face to see on campus!"
- Sam Hansen, PC Fall 2016
"Purdue's campus is home to thousands of students, which is one of the reasons I chose to go here. Joining Sigma Delta Tau helped me find a community within campus where I feel loved and supported in all I do."
- Kathy Mayo, PC Fall 2015
"Go Greek for the friendships that turn into family."
- Shauna Kelly, PC Fall 2015
"SDT gave me a home away from home while at Purdue."
- Nicole Wynne, PC Fall 2017

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